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West Texas Senior Resources has developed a specialty, working with retirees and those about to retire who want to protect their principal and insure that their money will last their entire lifetime.  We help our clients pass on their money and assets to the next generation and/or to their favorite charity.  We have assisted many clients in avoiding the common mistakes made by so many retirees.  We have helped clients to avoid unnecessary and excessive taxes on Social Security Income and taxes on their estates values.  We are most proud of the fact that those who have followed our advice on "Safe Money Planning" have not, nor will ever  lose one dollar in their accounts due to the fluctuations and volatility of the market.

West Texas Senior Resources specializes in the unique financial challenges facing retired people and those planning retirement. 


​Quit losing your hard earned money to the stock and bond market.

Don't accept low interest rates that will not keep up with inflation.

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Are you aware of potential tax savings in regards to your

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Have you been told about time-tested ways to avoid probate?

Are you concerned with the unreasonable cost and risk of nursing home confinement?

We specialize in the unique challenges of Senior Citizen's financial needs.​

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